Become a one-to-one tutor at the Literacy Council: Training is Provided.

Imagine helping someone learn to read a driver’s manual, or read notes for work. Help adults improve their skills for employment, further education or for their personal lives.

Our volunteer tutors teach an adult student reading, writing, spelling, basic math and/or basic computer skills through one-on-one tutoring. All tutoring takes place in public locations, such as the Literacy Council office.

We provide:

  • An one hour orientation session and interview with a staff member to answer your questions
  • A total of 6 hours tutor training: topics include working with adult learners, teaching writing and reading, lesson planning, and assessments
  • Flexible times that can meet your schedule
  • Ongoing staff support to answer questions and to help with tutoring
  • Locations for tutoring
  • Further training opportunities

We ask you:

  • For a patient, open minded, and flexible attitude
  • To complete an application form
  • Plan and prepare materials for weekly tutoring sessions
  • Be prepared for one half hour to one hour for planning and preparation
  • Be able to commit for 6 months minimum
  • Meet twice a week for a 2 hour tutoring session
  • Be able to set a regular meeting schedule (twice a week for a 2 hour tutoring session)

Other volunteer responsibilities:

  • Understand our mission and adhere to our mandate
  • Review with staff and students the learning goals and training plan
  • Work with staff to select the appropriate teaching materials that suit the student’s goals, abilities and interests
  • Assist in reviewing progress and revising the student’s training plan on an ongoing basis.
  • Maintain a positive, patient attitude that encourages learning.
  • Tell staff about changes in appointments.
  • Discuss student’s progress with staff.
  • Discuss problems/issues with staff when they arise.
  • Keep record of volunteer hours, including participation at events.

All volunteer training takes place at the Council office located at 115 Simcoe St. S, Oshawa, ON.

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