100 Word For Literacy Challenge

We challenge you to read 100 words of your favourite  book, essay, comic or any other reading material!

Beginning November 1st, participants will video themselves reading approximately 100 words from their favourite book in an attempt to get others interested in reading. We then want participants to post their video on their Facebook page and tag 5 others to challenge them to read from their favourite book.  This awareness/fundraising challenge which will culminate on Family Literacy Day,  Jan 27th.

In an attempt to raise money to support Adult Literacy Programs participants will also be encouraged to visit our  GoFundMe page. You can support the Challenge by donating here.

This Challenge will run for a total of 87 days with a goal of reaching 500 participants taking an opportunity to share a reading from their favourite book. The monies raised by this campaign help our learners and tutors by provide new technology and books for learning. You can help us teach adults to read and write for the world around them.