Bylaw Notification: June 24, 2020

Bylaw Amendment Notice:

This is notice to all members that the Board of Directors is recommending the revision of the Bylaws: Section 4. Current wording is:

Section 4 – Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as “AGM”)

  1. The AGM shall be held within three months of the fiscal year-end.
  2. Notice of the AGM shall be posted on the LCDR website, emailed to the membership (where possible), and advertised in one local media format (social media platforms may fulfill this requirement).  Such notice shall be given at least thirty days in advance.

The Board is putting to a vote to the membership to approve the addition of the following:

3. Notwithstanding subsections 4(a) and (b), where the AGM falls on a date on which an emergency has been declared within the meaning of section 7.01 of the Ontario Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the Board of Directors may postpone the AGM until a date that is not later than forty-five days after the termination of the emergency.