What is Literacy?

Did you know that 22% of the population of Durham Region do not have the literacy skills they need? Literacy is a person's ability to understand and use written information. It is more than being able to read and write. It is the ability to understand and use printed information in daily activities, at work, [...]

Board Members Needed!

Are you interested in volunteering but not certain if you want to tutor? How about becoming a board member? The Council is currently seeking new and enthusiastic individuals to join its board of directors. Help guide the organisation and help provide the vision and strategic direction of the organisation. The ideal candidate will have knowledge [...]

Profile: Anne S.

Anne was involved with the Council for over a year and was able to show amazing progress. Her tutor helped Anne develop skills on job search and writing for employment purposes which helped Anne find a great job. Personal problems impacted negatively on Anne’s learning and she was forced to go to a Women’s shelter due to a domestic [...]